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A cultural wanderer, jack of all trades and all-around mover‘n shaker, NCMA epitomizes a defining quality of modernity: metaphorically speaking, liquid. The oeuvre of this brand is an endlessly morphing monument to the power of contamination. It comes as no surprise for this wunderkind collection, wherever it leaves a mark. NCMA truly acts as the catalyst, liberating the positive force of the situation. That is why everybody, from revered fashion houses to powerful brands, show everything social in its capable view. NCMA’s unique network keeps growing and growing, attracting la crème de la crème of who’s cool. Knowing too well that one has to think local but act global, NCMA has created a global phenomenon. Drawing on iconographic elements from different cultures, NCMA creates his very own symbology – the collars – and celebrates diversity. A pure expression of the moment, NCMA celebrates the liberating, exhilarating joys of contamination.

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